Types Of Scientific Laboratory Equipments


Laboratory equipments are the tools and devices which are used by the students and professor or scientists to conduct various science experiments in the laboratory. The experiments are done to collects data, get some results or take measurements. The major tools and equipments range from Bunsen burner to calorimeter, beakers, microscope and reagent bottles and more.

The type of tools and equipments used at the particular time depends on the type of experiment being done by the students and professors. The tools and equipments used in any laboratory also depend on the standards of the laboratory and its location. A laboratory in a school or college may not have many advanced equipments. But the laboratory located in advanced research center would have state of the art equipments and tools. The level of research or experiments done at the lobotomy also determines the level of tools and equipments used at the laboratory.

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The use of beakers, Laboratory equipment suppliers in Delhi boiling flashes, test tubes, clamps, rings and other items depend on the kind of experiments conducted there. Different tools and equipments are used for different jobs and tasks. For measuring tasks cylinders and barrette are used .Some other advanced measuring tools that are used in the laboratories can be beam balance, electronic balance and volumenometer. PH meter is used to determine the acidity of various minerals and solutions. The acidity level of the soil in the soil testing is determined by using PH meter.

Besides these equipments and tools, there are other devices that are used for safety of those who are conducting the experimenters.  Eye goggles and gloves are main tools among such tools. Eye glasses are must for those who are doing experiments involving chemical solutions and liquids.

Medical laboratories in colleges and school also have dissecting tools to dissect the animal and small mammals to tech basic medical principles to medical students. .Some laboratories also used Petri dish for culturing bacteria or mold, based on requirements, in controlled environment.

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Similarly, there are construction equipments that are used in the construction of building and other infrastructure projects. The list of equipments used for the construction industry is very wide because of the nature of the work and activities involved in construction. They come in different categories like earthmoving Construction equipment suppliers in India equipments, excavating cranes, lifting and loading cranes. In crane category, the range can be wide depending on the nature of construction activity. Backhoes, loaders, material handling equipments and trucks for loading and unloading are some of the basic equipments which are indispensible to the construction industry.


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