Soil testing and procedure for taking the soil samples for testing


Soil testing is done to know the contents of the soil before plantation. The major nutrients of the soil and lack of nay nutrient is determined by the testing the soil taken from different parts of the same plot or land. In other words, the soil testing is the process by which chemical compounds of the soil such as phosphorus, sodium sulfur, copper and zinc are tested for their availability or lack of availability. The level of nutrients in the soil or lack of them will then decide how much fertilizer is to be added in the soil before the starting plantation of the any crop.

How soil sample is taken?

The soil for sample for testing should be taken at the right time and in the right quantity. The use of tools , area of soil where the samples are taken , correct mix of various part of the soil and the depth at which the soil was taken from testing , all influence the result of the sample testing .The best time for taking soil testing is few months before planting new crop. The few months’ gaps give adequate time to adjust the ph of the soil for new crop.

The tools should also be selected carefully for the soil digging and taking samples. The spade, hand trowel for Soil test equipment suppliers in India garden, and shovel can be used for taking soil samples. The use of brass, galvanized steel or bronze should not be done because these items can contaminate the soil sample with zinc or copper.

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The sample should be collected from various part of the land or plot. Almost every area should have soil in the sample.  The soil taken from different areas should be mixed well before forming one sample. If land is big, then sampling from one side of the land, should contains at least five to six soil samples from that side. These samples can be mixed well to represent the one sample from one part of the land. Similarly, the other parts of the land can also be represented in the soil sampling and then all samples taken from different areas of the same land are mixed to form the one sample.  The depth of the soil, for the sample collection, depends on the activity for which the land is going to be used. The depth may vary for vegetables, fruits, or other crops.

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After collecting the soil for sample, it should be put in a clear plastic bag. The plastic bag should not have any Soil Testing Equipment Manufacturers in India chemical or fertilizer in it before being used for soil sampling. The traces of any chemical or fertilizer will not give correct information about the soil testing results.


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