Soil tests for foundation laying


Soil testing is done to ensure that the soil is perfect for foundations for superstructure. The strong foundation ensures that superstructure or buildings build on them are firm and strong.  The strength of the building depends on the strength of the foundation. The soil testing is done to know the existing conditions of soil and it’s characteristic to construct a suitable foundation to match the soil.

The type of soil testing needed can be determined by correlation of soil characteristics, which are taken from soil investigation reports, and tests from projects constructed.  This soil testing results will determine the size, length, depth and capacity of the foundation being done for buildings.

If it is not possible to get the reliable data about piles or foundation, in the area, it can be taken by making a test pile and correlate with soil data. The tests which are conducted may include:

Types of soil tests –

Standard penetration test is done to know the point of friction between soil and pile or foundation. This also gives the friction or resistance given by each layer of soil to the pile

Static cone penetration is done to know the cohesion and subsequently, adhesion, of soft cohesive soils. It is also done to know the standard penetration test results for fine to medium sands. The static cone penetration test and standard penetration test is needed for both cohesive less and cohesive soil .Vane shear test reserved for clayey soils.

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The ground water condition and permeability of soil is measured to know the type of foundation that can be constructed in the soil .The level of water in the bore is noted in the bore log. Because of low permeability of the soil, the water in the bore can rise to the water table level in several days.

The ground water tests Cement testing equipment manufacturer in Delhi are done to known the chemical effect on the concrete and pile. The cone penetration test for the same soil can come with substantial scatter. That is why; they are checked with information obtained from other tests or exploration methods.

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By all these methods of soil testing, Soil test equipment suppliers in India if soil is not found suitable for the construction or it is of poor bearing capacity or filed with subsoil, then engineers have to take the decision to move the foundation laying somewhere else. They can also remove the poor soil and replace it with good compacted soil. The engineers can also improve the bearing capacity of the soil. But all these methods to improve the soil can delay the construction.


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