untitled-2 Loaders and trucks are used to lift heavy machinery or loose materials used at the construction site. The trucks are used to carry materials like cements, iron loads or other such materials. The loaders along with cranes are used for lifting, and carrying heavy items from one place to other site of the construction site.

Types of trucks

Dump trucks are used for taking loose materials like sand, gravel or mud to the construction sites. These trucks have hydraulic cylinders fitted under the carriage to lift the carriage and unload all material at once in one go. These trucks can come in different configuration for different. Some trucks carry the dumping carriage with loose materials. The separate carriage has its own wheels but it is not fitted with any engine. The biggest advantage of this type of truck is that maximum load can be added without any affect on the maneuverability of the truck

Semi trailer end dump truck is combination of trailer and tractor. The trailer has hydraulic cylinders for dumping the loose material. This type of combination has advantage in rapid unloading the loose material.

The side dump trucks have facility to dump the material on the either left or right side. They do this by hydraulic ramps that title the body onto any side.  These trucks often carry more loose material than other trucks.

Construction equipment suppliers in India


The loaders are Construction equipment suppliers in India  tractors with wheels and a square tilt bucket at the front end for lifting any material and carrying to short distance within the construction site. The front end is fitted with cylindrical arms for lifting and shifting the material or cements slabs.

Some loaders such as caterpillars have only front buckets and are known as front loaders. Some small front loaders are fitted with backhoe. These loaders are used for clearing way, removing debris, putting materials into trucks   or laying pipes etc. loaders are fitted with wheels for faster mobility within construction area.

Fork lifters

These are used by fitting small but heavy items or cartons by inserting the steel plates under the load. The plates are fitted in front of the wheel truck with driver’s seat. The fork lifters come in various sizes and capacities to serve the purpose of the client in construction industry.

Soil Test Equipment Suppliers in India, 2. Soil testing equipment manufacturers in India

Soil testing before Soil Testing Equipment Manufacturers in India construction of any building is essential to determine the capacity of the soil for construction of foundation of the building. The depth of the foundation depends on the building to be constructed on it and type of soil.



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