Benefits of soil testing to farmers

Over the decades the practice of soil testing has been accepted by the farmer community for getting complete knowledge of the soil for better yield and increased production per hectare. The increase in profit because of increase production motivates all land owners to hold soil testing. For proper soil testing, it is important that soil samples from various parts of the field or farm are taken and then mixed to get the genuine sample of that area.

Soil testing report will give exact fertilizer requirements to farmers. They will come to know the quantity of various fertilizers and nutrients both major and minor needed for the soil type. The water content is the soil is also determined by soil testing. This gives indication of the use of water needed for the particular crop. The low use of fertilizer reduces the crop yield and high use may damage the crop and also leads to waste of time and money for the former. It is also damages the environment due to runoff.


Thus, a farmer gets complete farm management tool to increase production, manage inputs accordingly, and control the damage to environment.  The additional benefits are improvement in crop quality and maturity, high resistance to pet control, and use of effective pet resistance substance according to the soil type.

The application of limestone use can be known better with the use of soil testing on acid soils. The testing gives exact requirement for the limestone use. The soil testing can be done before the start of the cropping season, that can be in spring or start of the fall. The cost of soil testing is relatively soil test equipment suppliers in India low compared with cost of fertilizers and limestone, which keeps the overall expenses of a farmer low during crop season.

The reliable soil testing results depend on many factors such as method of taking soil for testing , steps involved  in testing ,  techniques used for mixing samples of soil  and fertilizers recommendation guidelines . Since levels of various nutrients in the soil cannot be visible seen, the use of professional soil testing analyst is important to expose the lack of various nutrients in a soil. The capability and desirability of a soil type for any particular crop can also be found by the soil testing methods.

The equipments Soil Testing Equipment Manufacturers in India used in soil testing locally available. These include sand pouring cylinder, soil cone penetrometer, and speedy moisture meter.


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