Need for soil testing and taking soil sample

A soil sample testing helps farmers know the level of nutrients in the soil. This knowledge then allows them to add some more nutrients to get the desired soil. The testing also shows weakness in the soil nutrients level, which farmers the tries to remove by adding the appropriate fertilizers. Technically speaking the soil testing provides knowledge about two vital aspects of the soil.

The first is the soil ph. This is the measurement from low ph to high ph. The low ph is called acid and high ph is known as alkaline. This information gives the kind of yield that will come from the soil. Second, the nutrient levels in the soil. The presence or lack of major nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium give indication of fertility of the soil. In the same way, the amount of micronutrients can help to get the exact nature of the soil.

In addition to these major indicators, some specialized soil analysis can help to determine the other factors that also have major say in the yield from that soil. These factors are salinity level of soil and nitrogen presence.  Soil salinity can come in coastal areas and in soil with lot of fertilizers use. The lack of nitrogen means that nitrogen has to be added to the soil to get the good crop. Similarly presence of organic matter is also determined by special soil analysis. The addition of organic matter improves the fertility of the soil. The amount of aluminum in soil can be toxic to plants, so analysis to prevent the aluminum increase in soil also helps a farmer.

These samples are done only when some problems are observed by the farmer or there are some reasons to get the analysis of the soil for better crop yield.

It is important that proper sample of the soil is taken for accurate analysis of the soil testing.  The testing is done on the tiny fraction of the soil that represents the entire stretch of the soil for which is testing is needed. Therefore it is necessary that the sample has to reflect the entire filed or farm.

If there is difference in Compressive strength testing machine supplier the soil from the same area, the separate analysis of the each segment of the soil has to be taken.  If soil gives two different colors in same field or plant of land, then again, the different soil testing has to be done.

For accurate reading the Soil test equipment suppliers in India each sample of soil should have combination of 5 to 10 subsample of soil from the same areas, for which soil testing is needed.  There are lots of soil testing equipments. Each one is used for specific purpose. Some are used to test the sand content of the soil.  There is also an equipment to determine the moisture level of the soil.


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