Common Laboratory Equipments Used in India

Laboratory testing equipment used for measures various qualities of substances in the laboratory. They can be used to measures the soil quality, water quality, gas pressures among many other things. Some of the commonly used laboratory equipments are described here.

Laboratory Thermometers such as dial thermometers, digital thermometer, glass thermometers and dial type thermometers are used to measure the temperature of the soil, concrete or asphalt,  in laboratory. These thermometers are available in different sizes and range to meet the demand in any testing. These thermometers can be portable, give accurate measurements and are easy to maintain.

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Hot air ovens are electrically operated and controlled by thermostat. They have stainless steel internal chamber, while external body is made of mild steel sheet or stainless steel sheet. There is glass wool insulation between the chambers. The temperature is controlled by hydraulic thermostat, which can go up to 250 ‘C. The L shaped thermometer is fitted with the hot oven gives the temperature reading.

Electronic balances are used in weighing samples of various materials like soil, concrete, asphalt or materials used by education lab, civil engineering lab or filed lab. These balances come in different sizes, types and weighting ranges for testing need of customers.

Then there are proving rings, which are made from special steel and are carefully forged to give high stable accuracy, repeatability and dependability. The dial gauges are fitted on the U brackets, which in turn are clamped to the rings by set screws.  The gauge has very high sensitivity and provides accurate reading. The sensitivity is up to 0.002mm /div and the deflection is directly proportional to the weight applied .The whole unit of rings and dial gauge comes with works calibrations chart.

Universal fittings are hoses and adapters used for transferring fluids for testing to test containers. They are reliable and flexible. The hoses with knurled handwheels are connected without the use of wrenches.  The hoses with hexagon connection need wrench to tighten.   Some connecting hoses come with knurled hand wheel and electrically hose. Flexible hose comes with stainless steel and is lined with nylon.

Reid vapor pressure cylinder is Laboratory equipment suppliers in Delhi used for testing the gases like liquefied petroleum gases and gasoline. Some non pressure types Reid vapor pressure cylinder is used for testing samples at atmosphere pressures. Some other pressure cylinders are used to test the samples, which are handled at greater pressure than atmosphere pressure. Similarly these can also be used to know the pressure of liquefied petroleum gases.

Generally, the construction manufacturers Construction equipment suppliers in India and laboratory testing equipment makers are same. Some heavy construction equipments like cranes used in various states of construction can be taken on rent. These cranes and other construction equipments are supplied by the companies, which don’t manufacture them but keep them for rent for construction companies.



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