Construction and Working Material Testing Machines

Compression Testing Machine Suppliers India

For the purpose of effectively testing or examining the tensile strength of the materials, many laboratories and allied organizations make use of materials testing machines. Besides this, the material tests machines or popularly known as universal testing machines or universal testers, are used for the purpose of determining or testing the compressive strength of materials. Ability to perform different standard compression and tensile strength tests on structures, materials or components, has helped manufacturers to name standard compression testing machine as universal testing machines.

The universal testing machines or compression testing machines consists of load frame, and load cell. Small machines can consist of single strong support as load frame whereas other may contain two or more load frame for support purposes. For the purpose of effective measurement of the load, the universal testing machine is equipped load cell as force transducer. Beside this, Periodic calibration is required for the purpose of ensuring high standards of quality of the universal testing machines. Components for testing specimens or measuring the extension or deformation are often used with different types of universal test equipment.

Cross head, Output device and condition equipment are major components of any universal testing machines. For the purpose of providing the test results, different types of output devices like Digital displays and chart recorders, are used. Computer interface for analysis and printing are used for the purpose of providing the test results in various modern universal testing machines. Ultra-modern universal testers require controlled conditioning for effective operations. Conditions such as temperature, humidity, and pressure, can be effectively controlled by using conditioning components.

Special environmental chamber is a place where the universal testing machine can be kept, for attaining controlled environment required for carrying out effective testing of material compressive strength. Specimen holding jaws can be used as Test fixtures in various universal testing machines or compression testing machines. For the purpose of determining the compressive strength, the testing materials are effectively placed in the compression testing machine between an extensometer and the grip.

Many universal tester or compressor testing machines are known for automatically record the effective or gradual change in the length during the examination or testing period. Based on the needs and requirements, different types of universal testing machine with capacities of ones with over 53 Millinewton, can be used.

Compression Testing Machine Suppliers India

For purpose of purchasing different types of compression testing machine in accordance to industry laid norms, the customers, laboratories or business organizations can contact reliable Compression Testing Machine Suppliers India. The compression testing machine is often used in construction industries for the purpose of measuring the compression strength of various building materials.

Paver Block Making Machines Manufacturer in Delhi

If paver block is used for construction purposes, it is often recommended to effectively check the compressive & tensile strength for ensuring the durability of the building or construction. For different construction purposes, the paver block of various sizes and dimension can be purchased from Paver Block Making Machines Manufacturer in Delhi


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