Applications of Different Types of Universal Testing Equipment and Paver Block in Construction Industry

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Paver block of different sizes, dimensions and weight can be produced from different types of paver block making machines. Besides this, the universal testing equipment is highly demanded in various construction applications for the purpose of measuring the tensile strength and compressive strength of different materials used in construction. The main purpose of this article is to discuss the advantages and uses of universal testing equipment and paver making machinery in Delhi NCR.

Applications of Universal Testing Equipment

In various laboratory and industrial applications, the use of sophisticated universal testing machine for the purpose of testing or measuring the tensile strength, are recommended. Besides this, the universal testing machine is used for the purpose of measuring the compressive strength of different types of materials. The universal testing machines can perform different types of tensile and compression tests on wide range of structures, components or materials.

Working of Universal Testing Equipment

Standard universal testing machine consists of Load frame, load cell, and cross head. For the purpose of generation of readable results, the universal testing machine consists of output device. Besides this, the universal testing machine also consists of special parts for the purpose of measuring extension or deformation. For the purpose of controlling or regulating humidity, pressure and temperature, different types of conditioning equipment are required. In addition to this, the universal testing machines consist of specimen holding jaws and Test fixtures, for the purpose of effectively conducting different types of test related to tensile & compression strength.

Uses of Paver Blocks

In construction, the pavement is considered to be an outdoor floor. Besides this, the pavements can be counted as superficial surface covering. For the purchase of construction of different types of pavement, the builders uses paver block. Paver blocks can be manufactured by using latest technology and best possible raw materials like asphalt and concrete.

Besides this, the flagstone, cobblestone, and artificial stone, are used for the purpose of manufacturing different types of paver blocks. Applications of paver block comprises of construction of sidewalks and road surfaces. In addition to this, the paver blocks can be used for the purpose of manufacturing of patios and courtyards. One of the most popular types of paver block used in different construction purposes are interlocking concrete paver. One of the advantages of pavement construction by using paver block is that the block can be effectively repaired or can be reused.

Paver Block Making Machines & Compression Testing Machines Manufacturers & Suppliers in Delhi NCR

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Owing to rich vendors’ end and spacious warehousing facility, the reputed and well-known Paver Block Making Machines Manufacturer in Delhi have been able to manage bulk assignments of paver block making machines within promised time frame. Based on the requirements of the clients, different sizes and capacities of compression testing machines can be purchased on from well-known Compression Testing Machine Suppliers India.


Role of Construction Industry in Growth of Indian Economy

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Since the independence of India, the construction industry has helps an important role in growth and development of its economy. The construction industry has created about job opportunities for about 35-40 million people in the year 2011. To meet the needs of construction industry, it was reported that about 500 construction machinery fabricating companies were set up in India. As per the recent survey, it was reported that the construction industry has generated about 6708 billion in the year 2011-12, to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India. With the aid of its contribution of about 9% share in the national Gross Domestic Product, the construction industry plays an important role in the economy of India.

The construction industry is not a single entity. In fact, the construction industry in India is often fragmented. Only few companies are associated with construction whereas other companies are associated with niche activities. To meet the growing demands of the market, the clients can avail the services of many small and medium contractors. Construction industry in India is labor-intensive industry and it has generated a large number of direct and indirect job opportunities by providing effective employment to millions of individuals every year.

One of the government organization engaged in construction applications is National Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC). It was established in the year 1954 by the government of India, in a zest to promote construction industry in India post independence. Indian Railways Construction Limited and Rail India Transportation and Engineering Services are other construction companies set up, in a zest to promote construction post independence.

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The quality of cement can be tested by using different types of cement testing equipment like vibrating table, mortar cube vibrating machine, slump test apparatus, and laboratory concrete mixer. In addition to this, the laboratories may make use of concrete permeability test apparatus for different construction material testing applications. The laboratories and research centers involve in construction material testing applications can purchase the best quality of cement testing equipment from authorized and reputed Cement Testing Equipment Manufacturer in Delhi.

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For construction of pavement of various commercial, residential or industrial establishments, the best quality of paver blocks can be used. One of the main benefits of block paving is that it can be replaced and lifted. Used in driveways, pavement, patios, and town centers, the paver blocks are manufactured from the best quality of raw materials like concrete or clay. In addition to this, the construction of paver block can be done through composite materials. With the aid of large production capacity, the Paver Block Making Machines Manufacturer in Delhi has been able to manage the bulk demands efficiently.